Global brand Fastbraces® in Trivandrum

Fastbraces® have been tried and tested by orthodontists, dentists, and happy patients worldwide for almost 30 years. Closer to home we’ve been delighted with the results our patients have achieved thanks to this exciting orthodontic treatment.

How do Fastbraces® work?

As you’d expect, the main benefit of Fastbraces® is how quickly they can straighten teeth – sometimes in just three months. This is thanks to Fastbraces® patented triangular brackets, which are designed to move your teeth and roots together – unlike traditional braces, which move your teeth first, followed by the roots.
Treatment with Fastbraces® can take up to one year, but the majority of cases are completed in only 20 weeks. And not only are Fastbraces® ‘fast braces’, but they’re also very discreet, making them a popular choice for our adult patients.

Some of the corrections Fastbraces® can make quickly include:

Fastbraces® may not be suitable for very complex cases, but we’ll be able to discuss whether they are right for you and review all your options during the consultation.

The benefits of Fastbraces®

Fastbraces® FAQ

If you’re worried about your brace showing, you’ll be pleased to hear that Fastbraces® are available with clear ceramic brackets that blend in discreetly with your teeth.
Fastbraces® treatment typically takes around five months for mild to moderate cases. Your clinician will be able to give you a more accurate idea of how long your treatment will take once they have examined your teeth.
Yes, all of our ‘invisible’ braces are suitable for adults.
No, Fastbraces® feature small brackets that are attached to your teeth for the duration of your treatment. If you are looking for a removable brace we recommend dentcare aligners, which is a popular clear aligner system.
We can offer you fixed and/or removable retainers, which will keep your teeth in their new position once your brace comes off.
We recommend whitening your teeth either before or after your treatment. We can offer in-chair whitening and home whitening kits, which both provide fantastic results.
You will need to come and see us for a definitive answer, but in principal, yes, we can move teeth with crowns and teeth that have undergone root canal treatment.

To find out how quickly you could achieve a confident new smile with the help of Fastbraces®, come and see a dentist at Dr Johns dental centre or book an online appointment.

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